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Gangnam Jajang is a Korean Fusion restaurant located in the Oakland area. We offer high quality, fusion Korean cuisine that includes Ja-Jang-Myeon, Jjam-Bbong, Tang-Soo-Yuk, Kkan-Pung-Gi and much more! Our special thing is to make noodles ourselves and the important ingredient of sauce was directly delivered from South Korea every week. Ja-Jang-Myeon(#1) is our special menu with vegetables, pork in a sweet, savory and black sauce. Jjam-Bbong(#3)is known as a spicy seafood noodle soup with various seafoods and vegetables. Tang-soo-Yuk(#5) is deep fried pork with sweet and sour sauce. In Particular, we highly recommend Kkan-Pung-Gi(from #13) in our place. There are several sauces for you to choose your own taste. If your kids tried our Popcorn Kkan-Pung-Gi, they might want to come back to our place! Our deep fried dishes are perfectly crunchy and not too greasy and the inside meat is moist and juicy.

We keep trying to think about providing delicious meals along with great service in a clean and upscale environment. We are highly committed in creating an exceptional dining experience not only with great food, but through excellent service and an attractive atmosphere. Whether you are trying Korean food for the first time or celebrating a special occasion in one of our rooms, we will always do our best to provide the highest level of Korean cuisine and customer service.

Menu Category

Main Plate

Ja-Jang-Myeon, Gan-Ja-Jang, Jjam-Bbong, Jjam-Jja-Myeon, Tang-Soo-Yuk, Mango Cream Shrimp, Chili Shrimp

Rice & Side

Jap-Chae-Bob, Fried Rice Korean Ver., Fride Rice, Spicy Rice Cake, Fried Dumpling

Gangnam Special

Chicken - Plain, Chili, Soy & Garlic, Honey & Cheese, Popcorn

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